Telecommunications and Media

Thanks to a specialized team, Contreras Velozo provides professional advice in the field of telecommunications and media.

Covel’s lawyers have continuously advised the main players in the industry in regulatory matters related to concessions and permits, with the development and implementation of technologies and infrastructure, and with the resolution of administrative and judicial conflicts.

In fact, the professional services of our firm are permanently required by companies that provide fixed and mobile telephony and data transmission services, as well as television and Internet services.

Our office has also advised prestigious companies that provide television content, streaming and digital magazines. It has also provided advice and represented organizations such as the Alliance Against Piracy (Alianza contra la Piratería), a group comprised by the main cable operators to fight against piracy of limited television services and content providers.

Thus, by combining our expertise in the regulation of the sector with the practice areas focused on conflict resolution and free competition, Covel fully supports its clients in the telecommunications and media industry.